Trophy awards

Congratulations to every player who attended our 42nd annual tropy awards held at Anderson HIgh School on Dec 3rd 2017. Big smiles and plenty of fun as 500 players walked across stage to be presented with a trophy and car magnet from our former and new President. The girls had a great time and we cant wait to kick off 2018.

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone within GSE to include players coaches and parents!

A list of all of our winners can be viewed below:

Sportsmanship 105 Purple Unicorns Greg Matthews
Participation 101 Unicorns Emily Hausterman
Participation 102 Cheeths Scott Reese
Participation 103 Orange Crush Jon Pickup
Participation 104 Smurfs Chris Hafertepen
Sportsmanship 204 Green Machine Stephanie Kohls
Participation 201 Pink Flamingos Chris Stautberg
Participation 202 Blue Birds Steve Meisman
Participation 203 Tigers Jeff Reichard
Participation 205 Pumas Kathy Honold
Participation 206 Unicorns Scott Reckers
Participation 207 Orange Tigers Dan Barford
Participation 208 Bengals Justin Gates
Participation 209 Silverbacks Rich Mulvaney
Participation 210 The Lemonheads Andy Barton
Sportsmanship 307 Tigers Michael Mahannah
League Champion* 309 Lemons Chris Frede
League Finalist** 302 Lions Dave Dittmann
President's Cup 310 Green Dragons D Schiller
President's Cup 304 Blue Girls Jody Watson
Founder's Cup 303 Teal River Seals Mike Grisi
Founder's Cup 301 Green Giants Steve Withers
Sportsmanship 407 Cheetahs Mike Walters
League Champion* 406 Cheetahs Marcy Ehlers
League Finalist** 409 Pixies Alex DaVania
President's Cup 408 Neon Sun Girls Michelle Rogers
President's Cup 403 Sharks Chelsea Sims
Founder's Cup 402 Orcas Jason Deshler
Founder's Cup 405 Ponies Reese Johnson
Sportsmanship 501 Knights Chris Frede
League Champion* 507 Pink Dolphins Miriam Wehner
League Finalist** 504 Golden Girls Mike McKee
Founder's Cup 503 Awesome lossoms Kelly Napier
Founder's Cup 508 Panthers Amanda Freeman
President's Cup 505 The Zippers Lori Oppt
President's Cup 506 Red Tigers Jeff McCord
Sportsmanship 604 Xplosion Chris Jump
League Champion** 602 Blue Jays Bill Dasenbrock
League Finalist* 601 Purple Piranhas Urian Bredle
Founder's Cup 605 Panthers Tony Arnold
Founder's Cup 604 Xplosion Chris Jump